All American Gold Credit Card

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Issuer: USA Credit
Credit Card Type: Bad Credit Credit Cards
APR: None
Introductory APR: None
Introductory Period: None
Intro APR applied to: None
Cash Advance APR: None
Annual Fee: None
Grace Period: n/app
Card Status: Gold
Credit Rating: None or Poor Credit
Full Terms and Conditions: Click Here
  • *Guaranteed Approval
  • $6,000 Unsecured Gold Credit Line
  • No Credit Checks Or Credit Turndowns
  • No Employment Verifications


Application Fee$149.95
Participation Fee$0
Total First Year Fees$149.95


Best Card FeatureNo APR; the credit line is reported to a major credit bureau; no credit checks.
Worst Card FeatureCan only be used as a retail charge card.
Card ReviewThe All American Gold Credit Card, issued by USA Credit, is designed for those with poor or limited credit who are looking to establish or reestablish credit. Although the credit card does have a $149.95 account set-up fee, it is considered reasonable as compared to similar cards designed to establish credit, which can charge fees ranging anywhere between $200 - $400 for the first year of membership. There is no interest rate on purchases and new cardholders can access their credit reports for a free 30-day trial period. Anyone who applies for the credit card will be accepted based on their "No Credit Check or Credit Turndowns" policy, although certain restrictions do apply (see website for details). Those who become active members of the credit card will be glad to know that the credit line is reported to a major credit bureau. The major drawback of this credit card is that it can only be used for retail purchases through the USA Credit sponsored website and catalogs. In essence, the credit card is a retail charge card that can only be used for selected products. Therefore, those looking for a low cost option to establish or reestablish credit and do not require a credit card for general everyday purchases, will find the All American Gold Credit Card to be more than adequate.
Date Updated2005-02-18 00:00:00

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Lowest Variable ARR Rate: 8.49%

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