American Express® Rewards Gold Card

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Issuer: American Express
Credit Card Type: Charge Card
Reward Type: Travel
APR: None
Introductory APR: None
Introductory Period: None
Intro APR applied to: None
Cash Advance APR: None
Annual Fee: $90.00
Grace Period: n/app
Card Status: Gold
Credit Rating: Good Credit
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  • No Pre-Set Spending Limit
  • Earn Double Membership Rewards Options Points On Purchases
  • Access To World-Class Gold Card Events
  • Free Shipping And Handling


Type of RewardPoint
Optional RewardNo


Points Per Dollar Spent1 Point
Additional Points2 points per dollar spent at supermarkets, gas stations, drug stores, the U.S. Postal Service, or when paying wireless phone bills.
Point DetailsPoints are redeemable for merchandise, entertainment, and travel related benefits. Earned points can transfer into 11 different frequent flyer programs (1 point for 1 airline mile).


Miles-Points ExpirationNone
Yearly LimitNone
Bonus Upon ApprovalNone
Bonus with First PurchaseNone
Bonus with Balance TransfersNone
Bonus AnnualNone
Bonus OtherNone
Bonus DetailsNone


Best Card FeatureAccess to rewards program; various discounts, benefits, and services available to cardholders.
Worst Card FeatureHigh annual fee.
Card ReviewThe American Express® Rewards Gold Card is a charge card and is ideal for those with good credit who can afford to pay in full each month and want to avoid accumulating credit card debt, as often can be the case with revolving balances and high interest rates. Although the payment structure is different in relation to other unsecured credit cards, the charge card shares similar benefits and services that include auto insurance, travel accident insurance, discounts at participating retailers, buyer’s assurance plan, and a purchase protection plan (see website for additional benefits). In addition to the services provided by the standard American Express® Rewards Green Card, the gold card offers free shipping and handling on select online and catalog purchases and special discounts/advance purchases for various entertainment related tickets (referred to as 'Gold Card Events'). Cardholders also have access to the Membership Rewards Options program for no additional fee where points can be redeemed for various services and products. The Membership Rewards Options program is by far one of the best reward programs offered in the credit card industry, due to the variety of rewards offered and the no yearly limit and no expiration policy for earned points. Although the card does come with a high annual fee of $90 and an additional cardholder fee of $35, those who can take advantage of the many benefits and services provided by American Express®, especially frequent travelers who take advantage of the Membership Rewards Options program, will benefit most from the card, as earned points can be combined with various frequent flyer accounts.
Date Updated2005-02-01 00:00:00

Lowest Fixed APR Rate: 5.50%

Lowest Variable ARR Rate: 8.49%

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