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Issuer: MetaBank
Credit Card Type: Prepaid Credit Cards
APR: None
Introductory APR: None
Introductory Period: None
Intro APR applied to: None
Cash Advance APR: None
Annual Fee: None
Grace Period: n/app
Card Status: Platinum
Credit Rating: None or Poor Credit
Full Terms and Conditions: Click Here
  • Free Direct Deposit
  • On-Time Monthly Payments Reported To 2 Major Credit Bureaus
  • Free Account Activity Alerts
  • Flexible Fee Structure


Minimum Deposit$20
Maximum Deposit$2,500
Application Fee$49.95
Participation Fee$95.40 ($7.95 monthly)**
Reload Fee$0 for payroll direct, $1 for money order or cashier check, $4.95 for In-Person Payment, $9.95 for a wire transfer.
Inactive Fee$0
Total First Year Fees$145.35***


Type of RewardPoint
Optional RewardYes
Optional Annual Fee$0


Points Per Dollar Spent1 Point
Additional PointsNone
Point DetailsPoints are redeemable for ring tones, music downloads, long distance, prepaid wireless airtime, and calling cards benefits.


Miles-Points ExpirationNone
Yearly LimitNone
Bonus Upon ApprovalNone
Bonus with First PurchaseNone
Bonus with Balance TransfersNone
Bonus AnnualNone
Bonus OtherNone
Bonus DetailsNone


Best Card FeatureNo APR; reports to two of the four major credit bureaus monthly; free BuyRIGHT membership; no annual fee.
Worst Card FeatureActivation fee.
Card ReviewThe BuyRIGHT Pre-Paid MasterCard« Card, issued by MetaBank, is a stored value card designed for those who would like to take advantage of the reward program and the shopping membership that this card has to offer. This stored value card does require payment of a one-time activation fee an initial load of $20. Funds may be loaded onto the card in numerous ways and although fees do apply to most funding methods, there is no charge to fund the card via direct deposit. Funds loaded to the account are available for future purchases made with the card. The card has a $49.95 account set-up fee and cardholders have the option of choosing between paying a monthly fee of $7.95 or paying no monthly fee with a per transaction fee of $1. If the cardholder plans to make at least eight card transactions per month, it would be beneficial to pay the monthly fee. Any more than eight transactions would result in fees that would exceed the set monthly fee. Once approved, the cardholder is automatically enrolled for a free BuyRIGHT Membership. The membership allows customers to make purchases through a pre-approved $5,000 line of credit. The $5,000 credit line available for this membership is separate form that of the BuyRIGHT Pre-Paid MasterCard« Card. It is important to note that a 25% deposit is required for BUYRIGHT Membership merchandise purchases. BuyRIGHT will report timely payments on the Membership credit line to two of the four major credit bureaus on a monthly basis. Through the BuyRIGHT Rewards Program, cardholders earn one point per dollar on general purchases. No yearly limit or expiration applies to these points. Cardholders can redeem points for ring tones, music downloads, long distance, prepaid wireless airtime, and calling cards benefits. Therefore, those who are looking for a low cost option to build credit and would like to take advantage of the BuyRIGHT shopping membership and rewards program, may find the BuyRIGHT Pre-Paid MasterCard« Card to be more than adequate.
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Lowest Variable ARR Rate: 8.49%

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