Eufora™ Preferred PrePaid MasterCard®

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Credit Card Type: Prepaid Credit Cards
Reward Type: Other
APR: None
Introductory APR: None
Introductory Period: None
Intro APR applied to: None
Cash Advance APR: None
Annual Fee: $59.95
Grace Period: n/app
Card Status: Gold
Credit Rating: Good Credit
Full Terms and Conditions: Click Here
  • No Credit Check
  • Cash Reward Program
  • Optional Credit Bureau Reporting
  • Zero Liability


Minimum Deposit$5
Maximum Deposit$100**
Application Fee$0
Participation Fee$0
Reload Fee$1
Inactive Fee$0
Deposit InterestNo
Total First Year Fees$59.95


Best Card FeatureUnlimited income opportunity for referrals; monthly new car sweepstakes entry for every $100 spent; no monthly participation or application fees; guaranteed approval.
Worst Card FeatureLimited earnings for higher level referrals; high annual fee.
Card ReviewThe Eufora™ Preferred Pre-Paid MasterCard®, issued by BANKFIRST, is a stored value card designed for those who have fair, poor, bad, or no credit history and would like to earn income for referrals. Not often do pre-paid cards offer benefits; however, the Eufora™ Preferred Pre-Paid MasterCard® offers a unique income opportunity for cardholders. Each time a cardholder refers ten new applicants for the Eufora™ Preferred or Elite MasterCard®, that cardholder will earn $500 if the referred applicants are approved. If referred applicants are approved for the Eufora™ Associate MasterCard®, the cardholder will receive $200 for each ten approved accounts. Cardholders will also continue to earn annual income as long as they and their referrals (in increments of 10) maintain their Eufora™ membership in good standing. A minor drawback is that the cardholder only earns “commissions” for referrals at the Preferred level, even if the referral is for an Elite card. Elite card members pay a higher annual fee, but have greater earning potential, as the referral fees are considerably larger. In addition to the unique income program, this card offers several benefits, such as purchase protection, auto rental insurance, and up to $100,000 in travel accident insurance. For every $100 spent, cardholders automatically receive one entry into a monthly drawing for one of twenty-five featured cars. The card also provides credit reporting, which helps the cardholder establish credit history for an additional $6.65 a month for the first year. The annual fee for the card is $59.95 per year and there are no participation or application fees, which are usually associated with stored value cards. In order to use the card, cardholders need to first make a deposit in advance for a set amount (ranging between $5 to $100 per deposit), which determines the amount that can be spent on the card. For instance, if an individual were to deposit $100, they could only use up to $100 of credit for future purchases (there is a maximum of $2,500 that can be held in the account at any one time). Funds may be loaded onto the card from an existing checking or savings account and money orders. Eufora™ may also load the card directly from earned referrals (subject to their terms and conditions). So in the first year, a cardholder can expect to pay a total of $59.95 in fees, which is very reasonable for this type of card (this does not include any reload or penalty fees). An additional card can be provided for the account for a fee of $9.95. For those who wish to establish or rebuild their credit, the card offers a service called “Credit Builder” which reports to a credit bureau. The service is provided for a total of two years and has a $19.95 processing fee, along with a monthly fee of $6.65 for the first year (a total of $79.80). No monthly fee will be charged for the second year of service. Therefore, those who are looking for a stored value card which enables them to pay in advance for purchases and would like an opportunity to earn extra income will benefit most from what the Eufora™ Preferred Pre-Paid MasterCard® has to offer. However, applicants may want to consider applying for the Eufora™ Elite MasterCard®, as the potential opportunity to earn revenue far outweighs the difference in the annual fee.
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Lowest Fixed APR Rate: 5.50%

Lowest Variable ARR Rate: 8.49%

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