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Issuer: Household Bank
Credit Card Type: Reward Credit Cards
Reward Type: Auto
APR: 10.49% Variable
Introductory APR: 0.00%
Introductory Period: 6 months
Intro APR applied to: Purchases, Balance Transfers
Cash Advance APR: 19.99% Variable
Annual Fee: None
Grace Period: 25 Days
Card Status: Standard
Credit Rating: None or Poor Credit
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  • 0% Intro APR
  • No Annual Fee
  • Online Balance Transfers
  • Online Account Management


Type of RewardRebate
Optional RewardNo


Rebate Minimum5%
Rebate Maximum5%
Additional Rebates5% rebate valid on first two balance transfer checks (included in the welcome package) if posted within 60 days of opening the account.
Rebate DetailsFor every $100 spent, cardholders will earn $5 rebate towards the purchase or lease of eligible GM cars, trucks, or SUV's only (excluding Saturn, Saab and HUMMER H1).


Miles-Points Expiration7 Years
Yearly LimitNone (redemptions vary according to vehicle
Bonus Upon ApprovalNone
Bonus with First PurchaseNone
Bonus with Balance TransfersNone
Bonus AnnualNone
Bonus OtherNone
Bonus DetailsNone


Best Card FeatureHigh 5% rebate; reasonably low APR for purchases (for those who qualify); no annual fee.
Worst Card FeatureMinimum APR cap for all transactions.
Card ReviewThe GM MasterCard«, issued by Household Bank, is designed for those who plan to purchase or lease a GM car, truck, or SUV in the near future. Through the reward program, cardholders can earn a 5% rebate toward future purchases or leases. For every $100 spent, cardholders will earn $5 rebate towards the purchase or lease of eligible GM cars, trucks, or SUV's only (excluding Saturn, Saab and HUMMER H1). Rebates are also earned for the first two balance transfers paid with convenience checks within 60 days of activation (a rare benefit). Although rebates have no yearly limit, they do expire within seven years. Nevertheless, the card offers one of the highest rebates in comparison to other auto reward related cards. The interest rate for purchases varies for this credit card, and only those with very good credit will qualify for the lowest rate offered. In addition, there are minimum caps on the APR for all transactions; so no matter how low the Prime Rate falls (the APRs are tied to the Prime Rate), the interest rates will not go below their minimum caps. However, this card has no annual fee, an attractive 0% introductory rate for purchases and balance transfers for the first six months, and cardholders are provided with travel accident insurance and various online services. Therefore, those who plan to pay in full each month after the introductory rate expires (to avoid finance charges) and plan to purchase or lease a GM card in the near future, or use the card at one of the participating merchants or retailers (to redeem rebates), will benefit most from what the GM MasterCard« has to offer.
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Lowest Fixed APR Rate: 5.50%

Lowest Variable ARR Rate: 8.49%

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