SubaruŽ Platinum MasterCardŽ from Chase

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Issuer: Chase
Credit Card Type: Reward Credit Cards
Reward Type: Auto
APR: 13.49% Variable
Introductory APR: 0.00%
Introductory Period: 9 months
Intro APR applied to: Balance Transfers
Cash Advance APR: 21.49% Variable
Annual Fee: None
Grace Period: 20 Days (Min.)
Card Status: Platinum
Credit Rating: Very Good Credit
Full Terms and Conditions: Click Here
  • No Annual Fee
  • Interest-Free Grace Period On Purchases
  • Low Intro APR On Balance Transfer For Up To Nine Months
  • Get 3% SubaruBucks Rewards On Purchases


Type of RewardRebate
Optional RewardNo


Rebate Minimum3%
Rebate Maximum3%
Additional RebatesNone
Rebate Details3% rebate on all purchases. SubaruBucks will be issued as certificates in $100 increments to be used when buying or leasing a Subaru.


Miles-Points Expiration4 Year
Yearly Limit$500 in Rebates
Bonus Upon ApprovalNone
Bonus with First PurchaseNone
Bonus with Balance TransfersNone
Bonus AnnualNone
Bonus OtherNone
Bonus DetailsNone


Best Card FeatureHigh 3% rebate earned; no annual fee; 0% introductory rate.
Worst Card FeatureRewards earned can only be applied to SubaruŽ related purchases; minimum APR cap for cash advances.
Card ReviewThe SubaruŽ Platinum MasterCardŽ from Chase is designed for those with very good credit who plan to purchase or lease a SubaruŽ vehicle within a four-year period. Through the reward program, a 3% rebate is earned on all general purchases made with the card. Earned rebates can be redeemed toward the purchase or lease of a new SubaruŽ vehicle, SubaruŽ accessories, or regular servicing (such as oil changes) at an authorized SubaruŽ dealership. A $100 coupon is issued for every $3,333 spent on the card, with a maximum of $500 that can be earned per year, each coupon expiring within 4 years. Although there is a maximum of $2,000 that can be earned in total rebates within the four-year period, the 3% rebate is a very reasonable amount for a reward card, as many reward cards usually offer a 1% - 2% rebate for general purchases. Aside from the reward program, the platinum card offers a variety of benefits that include up to $500,000 in travel accident insurance, auto rental insurance, and various travel and emergency services. The card provides a reasonable interest rate for purchases and balance transfers for those who qualify and has no annual fee. This card also offers a 0% introductory rate on balance transfers for nine months. It is important to note that there is a minimum cap for cash advances; so no matter how low the Prime Rate falls (the APR is tied to the Prime Rate), the interest rate will not go below the minimum cap. Therefore, those who qualify for the lowest rate offered and either plan to purchase or already own a SubaruŽ vehicle (to take advantage of the reward program), will benefit most from what the SubaruŽ Platinum MasterCardŽ from Chase has to offer. Those who are not certain whether or not they plan to purchase a Subaru vehicle in the near future may want to think twice about using the card, as the $100 in coupons cannot be redeemed for any cash value.
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Lowest Fixed APR Rate: 5.50%

Lowest Variable ARR Rate: 8.49%

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