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Everyone has them, or so it seems. Starbucks has them. Sony has them. GM has them, and Subaru, too. Universal's there. Same with Toys "R" Us, Amazon, Disney, airlines, hotels and banks. American Express even has one specific to New York City. What are they? Credit cards that give rewards to their users.

Many give bonus rewards when used with the sponsor company.

Citibank has a wide variety of cards. Its Drivers' Edge card offers a rich 6% rebate on purchases made at supermarkets, drugstores and gas stations for the first 12 months. Rebates can be applied to the purchase of any make or model of new or used car. Don't need a car? How about a flat-screen TV, or even movie tickets, from what Citi calls its "Thank You" Network?

More gas discounts
Chase enters the gasoline fray with a 6% rebate off gas purchases for the first 90 days, and a 3% rebate on all gas purchases after that. With Discover Platinum Gas card, it's possible to get as much as 10% off gas purchases when exchanging gift cards or certificates with Discover Card partners.

GM's card earns 5% toward any GM vehicle, up to $3,500. Subaru's card pays 3% to a maximum of $500 a year, money that can be used for anything from a tune-up to windshield wiper blades to lease payments or a new Subaru vehicle.

Chase's Travel Rewards card allows you to redeem points for flights, hotel stays, cruises, car rentals and vacation packages. There Ultimate Rewards Platinum card adds gift certificates and name brand merchandise to the travel possibilities.

From CDs to theme parks
Points earned from Universal Entertainment's MasterCard can be spent on a wide variety of Universal products, ranging from DVDs and CDs to theme park admission and VIP status. Double points can be earned on select purchases made at Universal theme parks, hotels, and resorts.

Sony's Visa card earns points that can be redeemed on movies and music, games and electronics.

Bank of America's Power Rewards Visa offers a smorgasbord of gifts that can be claimed online. The range from merchandise including name-brand digital cameras, home theater packages, cordless drills, food processors, to bikes, cordless telephones and golf clubs. Gift certificates can be used in restaurants, bookstores, home improvement stores, specialty shops, department stores, spa services and sporting goods stores, among others. Rewards can also be used for travel on domestic airlines, and for hotels and car rentals.

And with the Starbucks card? You might even be surprised with a free pound of coffee.

Anything is possible, it seems, with reward cards – even access to those concerts and sporting events it is almost impossible for ordinary mortals to get tickets.

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